4 Aug 2014

Essentrics and Espresso

This weekend was a very sportive weekend. Sunday was my long distance run day, which meant 15K. And I found it tough. It was hot. The sun was burning. And I had muscle ache. Why? Because Saturday I went to the Essentrics and Espresso event of Lululemon NL.

Essentrics. I had never heard of it, which turned out to be as expected as it is quite new to the Netherlands. What got me interested was the fact that I had joined in events organised by Lululemon before and enjoyed myself. But also because this specific event also promised me espresso at the Espressofabriek, a specialty coffee bar. As I live in the far East of Amsterdam, I can always use a good excuse to get on my bike for half an hour to go to the Westside for some coffee. And what is a better excuse than free exercise in the sun with a friend (I got Nydia to go with me) with a cup of coffee afterwards? 

Essentrics was developed in Canada by ex ballet dancer Miranda Esmonde-White and her daughter. After her ballet career Miranda developed chronic back problems. Together with physical therapists and chiropracters combined with her background in ballet, she developed Classical Stretch and Essentrics, which got rid of her back problems all together. 

Not only is it good for you back, there is also a lot of focus on arm strength, core, and legs and ankles. Especially the legs and ankles are a very welcome focus for me, as I stand a little lopsided and the muscles in my legs are too short, meaning it is easier for me to get injuries, especially on long distance runs when my body gets tired. 

So what did I think? I have to say, I thought it was a real workout. I got burnt in a array of ways. By the sun, because I forgot to put some SPF on my body. And musclewise, in my arms, chest, core and upper leg muscles. Plus, extra points for the gracious ballet-esque movements. After an hour of trembling muscles, the lesson was done and the entire group plonked down onto the benches of the Espressofabriek and enjoyed an other hour in the sun, before we all got up to get to the rest of our Saturday.

I did get to really stretch and strengthen my problem areas (ankles, knee and hips) and although my body was a little sore, during my long distance run the following day I did not experience the same overstretched muscle sensation I usually experience in my calf and knee area. So I will definitely be trying some Essentrics again. 

To be continued...

Do you want to try Essentrics as well? For the Netherlands check out their website. It also lists the places Essentrics is given. Also they have a youtube channel with instruction videos.

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