1 Sept 2015

Coffee Crawl Copenhagen: Where to Drink Coffee in Copenhagen

This summer we went on a roadtrip going from Amsterdam to Stockholm and back. We enjoyed a couple of days in the amazing city Copenhagen, where we got to visit some extremely skilled coffee bars. We had to skip a few, rumoured to be awesome places, because they were apparently closed during summer, bummer...

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Coffee Collective

address: Jaegerborggade 10 
coffee: own roastery

The first time I visited Copenhagen I went to Coffee Collective. At that time it seemed very far away and the neighbourhood did not seem that nice. Still the coffee was so mind blowingly good, that my boyfriend became a coffee aficionado and after reaping the results of that for all those years, I wanted to go again this time around.
What a change...the coffee, still very good, but the neighbourhood was even better than the coffee. Jaegerborggade is the trendiest of the trendiest streets of Copenhagen today. Every store produced something artisan and good food is easy to come by.

The Coffee Collective has these big picnic tables outside and on the inside a few places to sit in the window, plus some tables in the back. The bar is placed against the wall, creating this very interesting perspective where the customer feels like they are behind the bar with the barista.

We enjoyed a cappuccino and cortado, they were okay. However, the best drink you can order here still remains, as it was all those years ago, an Aeropress.

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium

address: Nørre Farimagsgade 70
coffee: own roastery

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium has this interesting student-hangout-youth-hostel-feel, with big wooden furniture and sofas. There is a piano, cupboards with games. The bar is filled with every brew method imaginable.
The man running the joint is very passionate about his coffees and loves to try new things. For a nice conversation it is a great place to go.

We ordered a Uganda coffee brewed on an Aeropress, and unfortunately it was a little too dark roasted for our taste. But depending on your roasting preferences, it is a great place to visit.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

address: Boldhusgade 6
coffee: own roastery

This place, though. Stuffed away in a basement, you are not sure what you're getting yourself into. However, as soon as you descent the stairs, you are where you want to be. A beautiful bar filled with different brew methods. A room with a wall of coffee and merchandise. And then a couple of rooms in the back to sit as a group, or just by yourself. Filled with cool artwork, Danish design furniture, beautiful woodwork, the space is quite exquisite. 

The coffee is served on a stone plate, giving the whole experience a nice, quality, heavy feel. And the coffee, an Ethiopian Kochere, tasted of yasmin and fruits. Honestly, this place is a must visit, when in Copenhagen. Maybe even more so than the Coffee Collective. There. I said it.

Coffee Collective Roastery

address: Godthåbsvej 34
coffee: own roastery

Okay, I might have said it. If you can only visit one place it should be Copenhagen Coffee Lab. However, you should make time and go to the Coffee Collective Roastery as well.

We ordered a Kenya Tegu Kalita. The 2014/2015 Tegu was not as good as it was in previous years, but still a very nice coffee. 

Located in an old factory, the interior is just one big old space, divided in a roasting area, which is placed behind glass, and a bar. The back end of the bar is set up to be a training area, and in time of need, can be closed off from the cafe. 
Because of the large windows, the glass divisions, the high ceiling and the white walls this Coffee Collective breathes spaciousness and lightness. Making it the perfect place to hang out in, during summer. A hang out where you can enjoy beautiful coffees. However if you are hoping to get some work done, be sure to know there is no wifi. It is just a beautiful space, filled with beautiful coffees and good conversations.


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