17 Jul 2016

Restaurants Serving Specialty Coffee in Amsterdam

Restaurants serving specialty coffee

We have all experienced it. One night you go out, with your friends or family. You go to this well recommended restaurant. The service is friendly, the food is tasty. You talk and laugh. Perhaps take some pictures of nicely plated food to put on social media. And then you order coffee after. And if you're lucky, you get a Nespresso capsule. If you are unlucky, you get some dark roasted, robusta blended drink that maybe if you quench your eyes kind of falls into the category of an espresso, made from beans that were pre-ground at a certain time in history on a machine that has not been cleaned properly since it was installed. What a way to finish a meal.

Because of this, most coffee professionals I know decide not to drink coffee in restaurants. Why ruin a perfectly good night with a rancid cup of coffee? 

However, a well made espresso after dinner is one of the loveliest experiences on this earth. Not only that, but the bitter characteristics of the drink -yes even a more acidic espresso has bitters- can actually help you digest your meal more efficiently. Of course a bitter night cap can do the same, but for someone who does not drink a lot of alcohol, this is not always an option. 

There are some restaurants out there making an effort though. Restaurants that want to serve a cup of coffee worthy of their dishes, and wines, prepared and selected with so much love and care. But it is difficult to know which restaurants try to create a dining experience, complete with a lovely cup of coffee. 

To make this a little easier I asked around and got lists from third wave coffee roasters of restaurants serving their specialty coffee. And so the map of restaurants in Amsterdam serving specialty coffee came into existence. 

Now of course not every restaurant can have "some man-bun, Mumford and Son motherf*cker" to  clean the machines and make God shots every single time a coffee is ordered. And of course it is still all espresso-based, but you need to give these things time. Let's hope this list gets bigger over time and inspires other restaurants to start serving a better cup of Joe as well. In the mean time, if you want a good espresso after dinner, you know where to go.

You're welcome.

Thank you to Stooker Coffee Roasters, White Label and Bocca Coffee Roasters for providing me with the information to make this list happen.

Do you know of more restaurants serving specialty coffee in Amsterdam or other cities in the Netherlands? Leave a comment below!


  1. Hoi Cerianne, Single Estate levert koffie aan een paar restaurants in Amsterdam:

    Taiko en Brasserie Conservatorium Hotel (Finca Ceylan Guatemala)

    De Japanner (Campo Alegre Brazil)

    Gebroeders Hartering (Bella Vista Guatemala)

    En volgens mij heeft BAK koffie van Kees Kraakman.

    Denk dat er nog veel meer restaurants zullen zijn met specialty bonen hoor.

  2. Great initiative, maybe make the map moderated social? Not sure that all indicated qualify as restaurants! Criteria for restaurant would help interpret map...

  3. Great initiative, maybe make the map moderated social? Not sure that all indicated qualify as restaurants! Criteria for restaurant would help interpret map...


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