31 Aug 2015

Coffee Crawl Hamburg: Where to Drink Coffee in Hamburg

This summer we went on a roadtrip going from Amsterdam to Stockholm and back. On our way to Scandinavia, we enjoyed a day in Hamburg, looking out over the harbour and drinking coffee. These are some of the best places we visited. I am sure that there are many, many more, such as Speicherstadt and others. However, there is only so much coffee you can drink in a day. If we did miss anything, let us know and we' ll go next time!

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Playground Coffee

address: Grindelhof 33
coffee: own roastery

Playground Coffees shares it's space with a hamburger tent... Really, do you need more in your life than good coffee and good hamburgers?
It's a playful interior with lots of colour, lamps and artsy details. The owner, who has basically worked the entire Hamburg coffee scene, has really made it the perfect place to hang.

We enjoyed a lovely Tanzania drip coffee, before switching to espresso. And especially the drip was quite the trip. We couldn't resist buying a bag either, not only because the coffee was good, but the artwork on the box is psychedelically good. A must visit.


address: Lagerstrasse 34
coffee: own roastery

Elbgold has multiple locations in Hamburg. However the roastery is the place to go. It is located in a gorgeous old factory terrain. The inside is half roastery and half bar and cafe. They have huge silos filled with all the coffees they sell; from Panama Geisha to organic Brazil. 

They have found the magic balance between the professional artisan coffee specialist and the more mainstream cafe serving sugar and milk with the cup of drip coffee. It's quite astonishing to see both of these work so seamlessly together in one space.

We had a lovely Nicaragua V60 and iced latte, and ended our visit with a beautiful Harfusa Ethiopian aeropress. And so enjoyed the more mainstream and the high end specialty all in one visit.

Less Political

address: Sternstrasse 68
coffee: different roasters

Less Political is a very small space filled with hysterical details, puns and jokes, while serving high end baked goods and drinks. They only have a few tables, both inside and outside, and this huge cupboard filled with coffee paraphernalia and coffee bags from different roasters. 

We had some less common drinks, namely an espresso-tonic, which was very well balanced and a very refreshing, sweet Cascara fizz. Really, all bars should have a Cascara fizz. It's is the most delicious thing during a hot day.

Public Coffee Roasters

address: Wexstrasse 28
coffee: own roastery

Public Coffee Roasters has a very colourful theme; wood, black and all the colours of the rainbow in neon. It has a big third wave feel, with a black board world map showing all the coffees they had.

Probably the best latte art we had all day in a double espresso macchiato. The Natural Ethiopian drip coffee was very natural in flavour. You have to be a fan. A little strange to get though, if you ordered a semi-washed.


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