2 Sept 2015

Coffee Crawl Stockholm: Where to Drink Coffee in Stockholm

This summer we went on a roadtrip going from Amsterdam to Stockholm and back. These are all the places we got to visit in Stockholm. There could have been more, but the coffee scene in Stockholm seems to be very unstable, with places changing owners, names or just plain closing shop all the time. Still we got to visit some very cool bars, in between  looking at Modern art, stumbling through the old city and experiencing some incredible shopping opportunities.

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address: Swedenborgsgatan 7
coffee: own roastery

It was swarming with people at Johan&Nystrom. The store is well filled with merchandise and coffees, displayed on colourful walls. Everywhere you look there is something coffee related being displayed, even in the toilets. The boutique's feel is very local, cafe around the corner-ish.

I ordered a Kenyan drip coffee, which was slightly dark roasted, but still very fruity. The cinnamon bun with cardamom was a great supplement.


address: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10
coffee: own roastery

Drop Coffee Roasters has created quite the name for itself in the international community and so the expectations were high.
The space again feels like the community cafe, which is very nice and welcoming, while at the same time always feeling a little dishevelled. The bar is right at the entrance and above it is a gorgeous menu, reminiscent of their cardbox coffee bean boxes. The cafe is divided into a lot of different rooms, with a lot of different seating areas. 

We ordered a Kenya peaberry and El Salvador drip coffee. Both were nice, but not amazing. But again, that might have been due to the expectations. 


address: Oestgötsgatan 29C
coffee: different roasters

Coffice, coffee and office. And that is what it is, and it is good. Good wifi, good seating, good coffee, good food and a lot of plugs. Great.

We had some amazing cappucinno's and well balanced Aeropresses from different roasters. All well made.
Founded by architects who obviously knew what they were doing, the space is divided in areas to just sit and have a conversation, areas to work individually, areas for quiet work and meeting rooms to rent. But even with this office use, the space is very playful and definitely does not have that boring office vibe. They have mushroom lamps, golden palm trees and a living bar. 
In a time where we work a lot behind our laptops and travel the world, we need more of these kinds of places!


address: Hornsgatan 64
coffee: Da Matteo

Matilda's was not on our list to visit. We just so happened to walk past and saw this jaw dropping glass cased La Marzocco and had to go in. What luck we had. It was their first day open! It is always an honour to be one of the first customers and see the potential. 
Matilda's has everything to become one of the places to visit. The street they are on is one of the most fun shopping streets in Stockholm, filled with cool art and vintage furniture, mixed in with hip clothing stores. They have a real eye-catching espresso machine, which has been built into the bar, in front of the window. And they serve Da Matteo, which was one of the first specialty roasters in Scandinavia.

The owners are not the coffee nerds you might expect, but they owned a coffee bar in the past, and now that their children are old enough to help as baristas, they wanted to revisit their coffee passion.

On the first day open, of course you are going to see some inconsistencies and some kinks that still need to be worked out. We weren't really sure who was going to help us, and neither were they. Also there was still some uncertainty behind the bar, concerning how the espresso for our cappuccino was extracting. The drip batch however was great and although the cappuccino was a little out of balance, it was still a good drink.


address: Rörstrandsgatan 4
coffee: private label

There used to be two Mellqvists. Now there is only one. The other one, not far from Matilda's changed ownership and really was not worth the visit. However, the Mellqvist on Rörstrandsgatan is a great place to go for coffee and a sandwich. 
Not far from where Britney Spears, the Back Street Boys, and many others recorded their albums, you can get an amazing cappuccino at Mellqvist. Without a doubt the best cappuccino I had in Stockholm. Sweet, chocolaty, creamy. And more importantly, it did not taste of coffee with milk mix. It tasted of one well balanced drink.Which for me is one of the most important aspects I look for in my cappuccino, while at the same time being something you still do not run into that often.

The space is dark and filled to the brim with stuff. Everywhere you look there is coffee, food, drinks, or something else. Behind the bar baristas work with the utmost routine to make it all work. 

Fun note: they have an original vintage Crapper toilet.


address: Kocksgatan 19
coffee: own roastery

Our last morning in Stockholm. Later that day we were going to drive towards Gothenburg. We had walked by this small bar the day before. It was closed at the time and had a sign saying it was closed for summer, but would be open again in August. On a whim we decided to try to walk by again and joy, they were open! For the first time in a month.

The interior is very specialty coffee-eske. With a lot of woodwork and well executed DIY. Mogen&Grus roast themselves, and because they are as tiny as they are, the coffee portfolio is very small. However, it is also very tasty.

We tried the El Salvador on both a V60 and as an espresso. The V60 was a little heavier and dark chocolaty and sweet. The espresso was more acidic and long. 

While we were sitting there, we had a great conversation with the owner, tanned to the max from his vacation, while customers from the neighbourhood kept dropping in like flies to celebrate the fact that their local coffee place was finally open again. What a great way to end a Coffee Crawl.


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