30 Nov 2015

My Month on Instagram ǁ November 2015

I post photos on Instagram on a regular basis showing my coffee and tea drinking habit. Plus some running pictures are inevitably going to be passing by. Once a month I bundle these and talk about the photos on my blog.

In November I:

»  All the luck in the world opened on the Lineausstraat in Amsterdam. They have a couple of other shops as well. Selling furniture, jewelry and other fun stuff, they also serve coffee roasted by Stooker. Always great to see more specialty coffee in the East part of Amsterdam. A great place to find some Christmas gifts as well.

» An other place I finally got to visit was Toki, a great little place in the Jordaan in Amsterdam, serving the always tasty Bonanzacoffee. Good coffee, good vibes, great company. If I lived a little closer by I would spent way too much hours of my time hanging in this great little bar.

» On an other note, my cats love the fact that I foam milk at home on occasion.

» We had a huge cupping with some Russian customers of ours at work, and so I spent quite a few hours behind the Probat sample roaster at Trabocca, making sure all the samples were ready to go.

» Cupping so many coffees during the work week, sometimes you just want some tea on the weekends. I love this combo of a lovely light Oolong, fresh ginger and hibiscus. Works well against inflammation as well.

» We had some Chelbessa sample left over from our Russian cupping, so that meant some great Chemex at home. Brewing some amazing coffee at home does always put a smile on the face of your partner, because of course.

» As a runner and a coffee lover, this hessian bag from Falcon Specialty just in front of the roaster at the Coffeecompany Roastery was just to good to not take a picture.

 » Finally, the last picture of the month was the roasting set up at Trabocca's USA office in Minneapolis. I went up there to calibrate on cupping scores and got to admire this lovely set up.

See you next month!

Want to see my other pictures? Check out my Instagram at instagram.com/ceriannebury.

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