22 Nov 2015

2016 Dutch Latte Art - The Finalists - Joep Willemsen

Early 2016 seven gifted latte art pouring baristas will fight for the ticket to Shanghai, where the World Championship will take place. Who are the baristas that want to represent the Netherlands? Let's get to know them a little better...Who is Joep Willemsen?

Photo by Vinni Zwaan @WetTheFilter blog

Where can people find you?

Lucifer Specialty Coffee, Eindhoven.

What figures did you pour for the qualifying rounds?

I poured a hummingbird with a flower next to it for my designer latte. For the free pour I made a combination of rosetta's and a tulip.

How did you prepare?

Because of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven I started way too late and it showed in a sloppy presentation. The patterns were decent though. I prepared in evenings after work in my work place.

Who inspires you when deciding what figures to pour?

The routines of the competitors of the world championships are always pushing the envelope, and there is always inspiration to obtain by watching their routines. Also just browsing pictures of things, animals, shapes and trying to think how you could adapt them and pour them into a cup.

How long does it take to learn a new figure?

After some 10-20 tries you tend to get it right. Then lots more to not get it wrong anymore. But that level is hardly ever accomplished with difficult patterns.

And how do you master a new figure?

The first part is looking for inspiration. Then I draw on a paper in a circle how I would try to pour it and start trying. Sometimes you have to abandon an idea because it's just not working the way you thought it would.

How are you going to make sure you win the National competition?

Considering Nick is in the finals again, that will be one hell of a job. The level he obtained in a few years is really impressive. I will have to choose complex and original patterns and totally nail them, so that will be my strategy, to kick ass.

If you could change the Latte Art Championship format, what would you change?

I think it is quite well thought out. The change from 6 to 8 minutes (in the preliminary) was good, because now you have some time to have somewhat of a presentation, instead of rushing to get everything done in time. I already struggle to get it done within 8 minutes with some etching.. Being able to bring your own music would be nice though.

Anything you would like to add?

Yeah, to the team of SCAE volunteers, you guys rock.

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