28 Jun 2015

The Holiday Coffee Guide: Must-Haves for Travelling

Summer has started and for most of us that means summer holidays are just around the corner. Personally I don't drink coffee if it is going to be bad coffee. Unfortunately bad coffee still plagues most places around the world. So how do you get your coffee fix? Basically what it comes down to is it ain't schön if you don't bring your own...

So what are the things I reach for in my travel suitcase that make me the queen of the camping, hotel, bungalow, trade show, bus or aeroplane?

For coffee I like to travel light, everything I take with me fits into the Aeropress travel bag. And the first thing in there is the Aeropress. This brew method is so diverse it can make any type of brew you want, it is easy to clean, practically unbreakable and so the perfect travel companion.

Usually I only bring paper filters with me, which can be stored in the cap of the Aeropress or in a zip-lock bag. But of course, if you are on the road for a longer period of time a metal filter can be the way to go. Myself, I prefer paper filter if possible, because it leaves a more clear brew.
Also part of the travel kit is a hand grinder. A fresh grind provides you with so much more flavour, that really, you cannot go without. For travel I use a Porlex grinder, for multiple reasons. First of all, it fits into the shaft of my Aeropress, making it more compact. Also you can adjust the grind size easily, which can be useful if you want to use a different Aeropress recipe or a different type of filter.

Tip: if you are travelling by plane and have your brew kit in your carry-on luggage, take your grinder out and put it on the security belt separately, just like your laptop or ipad. Because security will open everything you have if you don't.

A pitcher. I always bring a Motta 50cl. This allows me to ask for hot water, and gives me a place to push the Aeropress out on. However you could bring a thermos, or anything else you like instead of a pitcher of course.

And I always bring a precision scale. I love to know how much I dose. I just can't go without one anymore. It's a handicap...I do not usually use a scale to measure the water I poured on as the numbers on the side of the Aeropress give me enough guidance, but I need to weigh my beans. The best scale I have ever run into for this purpose is the On Balance 500x0.1 gram pocket scale. It does not break, it's small, precise, sturdy, basically perfect. The slide on lid also protects the scale itself from all kinds of pressure, which is what you need when stuffing it into your travel bag.

And finally, a tin with some coffee beans in. I don't usually bring bags and bags of coffee. This might be more interesting if you are going somewhere, where you know it will be difficult to get some nicely roasted coffee beans, but more often than not these days, you can find a bag to purchase where ever you go. Just in case though, I bring about 40grams of coffee beans with me. For this I re-use a tin I received with a purchase from Madcap.

And that is all! All you need for a good brew on the go and get in on the Mile High Aeropress Club.


Of course there are other options as well. Launched this year you also have the Cafflano, which looks amazing. It combines grinding, drip brewing and a cup all in one. It also provides you with a pouring kettle disguised as a upper cup. It is quite heavy though. And it ain't cheap, however looking at what it would cost you to buy everything separately a very fair price. Honestly I cannot wait to try it.

Or, if you already enjoy the Espropress at home, you can join the Kickstarter project for the Espro Travel Press and pre-order your brew-method-and-cup-in-one.


What do you bring with you?


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