14 Mar 2015

The Dutch Aeropress Championships 2015

Friday the 13th of March marked the day of the Dutch Aeropress Championships. For the second consecutive year organised by the Coffeecompany on the Oosterdok in Amsterdam. And it was a grand success. 

Now, for the non Dutch readers of this blog, you need to understand...the Netherlands is very, very big. No, immense... No, of course not. The Netherlands is small. But because it is so tinie tiny, the Dutch have become used to everything being close by. And so, often people do not show up when an event is more than 1 hour of travelling. None the less, the entire Dutch coffee community showed up to listen to the MC Kim Staalman infamously squeak the evening together. 

The judging panel was filled by national and international coffee folks, namely Gabriel Dunn of Cafe Imports, Sofie Nys of 32Cup and Yoeri Joosten of the Golden Coffee Box and National Cuptasting Champion. The coffee they judged this year? The Colombian Finca El Mango, sourced by 32Cup and roasted by the Coffeecompany. With Coffeecompany's own words, a complex, tropically sweet, sparkling berries, chocolaty coffee. 

The competitors, ranging from previous champions to newbies and from home baristas to trained professionals, brewed up a storm and some interesting techniques were presented. Such as letting the coffee bloom with cold water. And adding more ground coffee during the brewing process. Still, a short summary can be made, with most competitors aiming for a high dosage, removing fines, relatively cold water (between 75 and 80 degrees Celsius), and chilling the end result either by continuously pouring the end result over into an other pitcher, or leaving it in a bowl of ice. Basically anything in their power to make the brew lighter and more acidic. Quelle surprise, coffee people like acidic coffees. 

At the end of the night Francesco Graccotti (White Label) pumped his way to the third place, while Mieke Boden (BorgmanBorgman/Crusio) and Floris van der Burg fought for the title. Eventually Floris brought home the gold, resulting in two top three spots for the Amsterdam based White Label. 

Congrats Floris, now go and win the world title!


Floris van der Burg

19 grams of coffee finely ground on the Mählkonig EK45, fines removed
paper filter
Stir and bloom the ground coffee using 30 grams of water at 15 Degrees Celsius for 2 minutes
Over a period of 30 seconds add 160 grams of water at 72 Degrees Celsius
Wait for 30 seconds and plunge for 30 seconds

Mieke Boden

23,6 grams of coffee very coarsely ground on the Mählkonig EK45
Inverted method
2 paper filters
Add water at 74 Degrees Celsius and fill to the top
Aim for a total time of 1:45 minutes

Francesco Graccotti

20 grams of coffee ground on the Mählkonig EK45, fines removed
Inverted method
3 paper filters
Stir and bloom the ground coffee using 40 grams of water at 15 Degrees Celsius for 2 minutes
Over a period of 30 seconds add 160 grams of water at 80 Degrees Celsius 
Wait for 30 seconds and plunge


Wanna try these recipes or create your own? Act fast and buy the competition coffee while it lasts.

Want to see more pics? Check out the FB page.

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