3 Mar 2015

My Month on Instagram ǁ February 2015

I post photos on Instagram on a regular basis showing my coffee and tea drinking habit. Plus some running pictures are inevitably going to be passing by. Once a month I bundle these and talk about the photos on my blog.

In February I:

» Went skiing in France. And I brought coffee. Roasted by Sweet Cup. You have to kind of adjust for the altitude (1450masl in my case). As water boils at a lower temperature the higher up you go. So if no adjustments are made, the light roasted coffee will taste watery and sour, because you do not get to the secondary extraction at the same rate you are used to. Basically you need to grind a little finer or dose a little less, or both. Say whaaat? Read the explanation about extractions here.

» After skiing I stayed in France, moving from the South to Paris, where I completed a Q Grading Course. And so I am now licensed as a Q Grader! Utterly happy. Basically this means I am licensed to taste and rate quality Arabica Coffee. To get licensed you follow three training days and three test days, based on tasting, visual grading and olfactory. Very tough, but very satisfying.

While in Paris I also managed to visit some bars and buy some coffees. Want to read about the bars I visited? Read all about the Coffee Crawl Paris edition here.

» Celebratory beer after the Q Grading Course. I made it! (product placement unintentional :))

» After all that coffee abroad I also enjoyed some tea. Fresh mint and ginger infusion. The best for a Sunday brunch.

» At work I received some genuine wild Kopi Luwak. For those who do not know, most Kopi Luwak nowadays are from civets that are locked up and force-fed. Also, for taste, it does not matter if its wild or locked-up. Its no good.

» Last but not least, the latte art at home post. A creepy, creepy clown. The result of a tulip with two tulips on top gone wrong and etched into this...And that is all...

See you next month!

Want to see my other pictures? Check out my Instagram at instagram.com/ceriannebury.

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