2 Jan 2015

My Month on Instagram ǁ December 2014

I post photos on Instagram on a regular basis showing my coffee and tea drinking habit. Plus some running pictures are inevitably going to be passing by. Once a month I bundle these and talk about the photos on my blog.

In December I:

» Posted more random pictures on my blog. With latte art I made at home on my one group Expobar. 

» Probably the most popular pic posted on my Instagram this month. The coffee corner I created for myself at work. A little coffee tree, which I hope survives my lethal green fingers....this year I even lost 2 cacti, how does that happen? A coffee tree print, a huge coffee book and a rose in my cappuccino. After a cupping I do love to drink an espresso based milk coffee.

» When the skies are clear the views in the Netherlands are amazing during the colder months. The view from the 8th floor of my office, whether it be from my desk or the cupping room is often breathtaking.

» One sad thing about winter in the Netherlands though is the fact that it is dark a lot. The sun rises late and sets early. And it gets me gloomy, wishing for some warm sun beams to hit my face. Luckily the Amsterdam Light Festival does help brighten the day, with lighted bridges, beaming water fountains and any thing else you can imagine. It's a lovely running trail too. The pic below is really a little video clip. You can see it run on my Instagram.

» Christmas has come and gone. This year I wrote a Christmas gift guide for coffee lovers. I did not include this coffee in it, but it is (was?) a limited Christmas edition by the Coffeecompany. Maybe it is still for sale here. Get it in the mail and maybe you too will get a personal (non-Christmas) card.

» December was also the month of the third Coffee Crawl edition. This time Belle and I visited Utrecht for our caffeine overdose. The city in the dead centre of the Netherlands. Filled with students, great shopping, culture and coffee. Read about the shops we visited in this blog and see the photo album on Facebook.

» In December the new harvest samples of Ethiopia start coming in, resulting in sample roast marathons. The record up till now, 30 samples roasted in one day. I don't expect this record to keep standing the coming months. There have already been some mouthwatering coffees that passed our cupping table though.

» Our new cat Whoopy, just 7 months old, has learnt the sound of espresso. As soon as she hears the grinder grinding away she rushes to my feet at our coffee bar to score some frothed milk. Clawing her way on chairs, upon window sills, in my legs...every once in a while I allow her to have a little and her day cannot be broken (as the Dutch would say). Happy as a bunny she will bounce through the house the rest of the night.

» Other exciting news, Caffenation Amsterdam opened this month. In the West of Amsterdam, near the Vondelpark the tripplette Spirit espresso machine by Kees van de Westen has been set up. Have the owner Bert dare you to make your own cappuccino and try it out.

Want to see my other pictures? Check out my Instagram at instagram.com/ceriannebury.

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