29 Jan 2015

DLA2015 Finalists: Who is Nick Vink?

The Dutch Latte Art Championships 2015 finals. Six baristas will compete against each other, each of them hoping they will be good enough to go on to the World Latte Art Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The pre rounds are just behind us. So who is our top six? How do they see coffee? And what will they bring to the Latte Art Finals during the Amsterdam Coffee Festival?

Photo by Vinni Zwaan @wetthefilter blog

works at: H32 Oss

Who is your coffee inspiration?

Yakup Aydin. Without him I wouldn't be where I am today. He is a great motivator! 

Who taught you latte art?

I taught it myself watching videos on YouTube.

If you walk into a coffeebar that you have not been before and you want to assess the quality level, what do you look for? And what do you order? And why?

When I enter a espresso bar I look for passion. If the barista has no passion, then the coffee is going to taste bad. I would first try an espresso. Then I'd try a cappuccino. 

Do you order coffee when you know it will be bad, or do you then skip the coffee and order something else?

No. Just. No. 

What is your favourite brew method?

Favourite is just a normal espresso. 

How do you brew coffee at home?

I have a Vibiemme domobar!

If people ask you what they should buy for making coffee at home, what do you suggest they buy? Why?

First of all you need to have good equipment. Without that you cannot make a good coffee. And then when you have that, you need good coffee beans.

What is the best coffee you had this year?

Costa Rica roasted by Blommers Coffee.

Where (coffee related) do you still want to go?

That's a good question. Maybe Costa Rica. Or something similar.

Do you take coffee and coffee brew methods with you when travelling?

No, I don't.

What is the worst coffee you ever had?

I had my worst coffee at school. The machines there are soooo bad.

And finally some questions about latte art and the Dutch Championships. What is the most important variable (coffee, grind, pitcher, milk, etc) for latte art and why?

You need good milk and a good espresso, because without milk and coffee it's impossible to make latte art. And I think being concentrated when pouring is really important. Because in the end you only have one chance to do it right. 

Why do you think you placed for the finals of the DLA? What did you do to achieve this?

I placed because I had a good run. However this doesn't say anything, because when you compete need to do it in that single moment. I trained very hard to achieve this. 

What are you looking forward to the most now that you placed for the finals of the DLA?

Don't know! Hahaha

How are you going to prepare yourself for the finals? 

I am going to train hard and importantly, have fun with it.

Who is your biggest competition this year?

Everyone! Because if they are not a threat, they wouldn't be in the finals.

Anything you would like to add?

See you all in May!

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