6 Dec 2014

The Christmas Coffee Gift Guide

It's almost Christmas time! That means fairy lights, Christmas trees and warm drinks. Plus, of course presents. Now buying presents for a coffee geek is quite hard, especially if you do not know a whole lot about coffee yourself. You do not want to end up giving a blender grinder, the special Christmas blend of Douwe Egberts or something by an other mainstream commodity coffee brand. So what do you get someone like me?

And so, just in time for some Christmas shopping and shipping, a guide for some lovely  and useful gifts every coffee snob will thank you for.

Coffee Beans

Javacoffee Santa Clara and Winter Blend

As a coffee lover, trying new beans, roasters, single origins, blends, it is all you want. If a coffee friend comes back from a trip abroad, they had better brung back come beans to try. And so you cannot go wrong. Just as long as you make sure you buy the right roast, depending on the brew methods used by your coffee lover friend. Espresso is only for the espresso machine. If your friend does not use or own one, get a filter/lighter roast.

Although a regular coffee from an artisan specialty coffee roaster will do, more and more roasters are bringing out Christmas blends. And who can resist a limited edition? A few nice ones are:

The Koppi Nutcracker. This Swedish brand has some awesome coffees. This special winter roast is a Nyungwe Rwanda with notes of apple, rose hips and grapes.

A very festive option is the Winter Blend and the Santa Clara coffee by Javacoffee in Poland. The packaging is very wintery and Christmassy and the coffees sound amazing. 

If you want to opt for something that is a bit more Christmas spirited, opt for the Coffeecompany dark days blend. For every bag you buy, the Coffeecompany donates a bag to the Regenboog Groep Charity. They provide help to vulnerable groups in the Amsterdam community.

Other favourite Christmas themed coffees; Counter Culture, Single Origin Roasters (OMG the packaging...), the Barn, Ozone, the Make Decent Coffee 'Brewdolph' and the Has Bean espresso or filter blend. 

And what does a Christmas coffee need? 

Christmas coffee mug

There are some amazing coffee mugs out there, and of course there are some amazing Christmas mugs out there. In a time where ugly is beautiful, this is the perfect time to get someone a themed mug. Here is an option in different categories.

The Scandinavian clean look
Fresh, clean and sophisticated. In case you are afraid your friend will not use the mug if it's too much.

The specialty coffee roaster logo template
It really is true. Although exceptions do exist, of course, most hipster coffee bars have a logo that looks just like this...They really, really do. And if they don't, they will have a chalk board, coffee packaging, or sticker that has something on it in this style.
Coffee people...you know what I'm talking about...

The British Youtuber style
Strange category, I know. But secretly watching British youtubers is one of my favourite pass times. And when they do home hauls, they buy things that look like this; in different cute colours with animals on them.

The gimmick
It glows in the dark. Lof it. Nuff said.

The figurine
They are plentiful, the last more beautiful and awful than the first.

The cosy cover
Who needs a new mug when you can just add to the old one? I see covers as presents for every single holiday theme; Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year. Plus, it keeps the coffee nice and warm. Plus, it helps to not burn your fingers. And all those other non reasons you could name to excuse yourself to buy this.

the Kalita Wave
Kalita Wave

I just came round to this brew method. It looks good. It tastes good. It's shiny. You can add my brew guide if you want to.

Travel Kit

I always bring a brew method and coffee with me when travelling. As do most of my coffee friends. However, almost none of us have a cool hipster little official coffee travel kit. They are very expensive, but also quite amazing.

Handsome Coffee Roasters travel kit

The most handsome kit is the kit by Handsome Coffee Roasters. And it is very complete, even holding a precision scale, and we all know how much coffee geeks like to measure out everything they use. An other kit worth mentioning the the Stumptown kit.

The Coffee Themed T-shirt

Redbubble screen shot

I think the pic says enough. I could spend hours looking through redbubble's coffee t-shirts. Check searches on 'coffee', 'barista', 'latte art', 'aeropress', or any other coffee related word you know and awesomeness will appear. 

The Coffee Print

An other amazing shopping platform is Etsy. I have been addicted to Etsy for about 5 years now and sometimes you come across real perfection. Buy an artsy coffee print for your friend to hang up in their coffee store, their living room, or wherever. 

The Coffee Book

How could I not add this book to the list. It has been released this year, which means there is still some chance your friend does not own it yet. Written by James Hoffmann, one of the coffee gurus of the specialty coffee scene, 'The World Atlas of Coffee' tells the tale of coffee. From different origin countries to brewing.

Still unsure what to buy? Then the only solution is to buy everything. Which you can do for only $200. It even includes coconut oil, chocolate and tea.

pictures are of the webshops listed in the article

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  1. Those are some fun mugs. I collect mugs and so I generally have to buy anything that I see that is unique. The glow in the dark one is one I have never seen before so now I will have to be on the lookout. I do not buy online. I only buy when I see it in person somewhere.

    Sheila @ Custom Candle Co.


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