2 Dec 2014

My Month on Instagram ǁ November 2014

I post photos on Instagram on a regular basis showing my coffee and tea drinking habit. Plus some running pictures are inevitably going to be passing by. Once a month I bundle these and talk about the photos on my blog.

In November I:

» I made upside down cake. Yes, yes, this came by in the Instagram month of October as well. So I will not linger...

» I watched my boyfriend play in a coffee bar. Under the name Pablo Mono, he and Tim Blok perform very personal songs. This time in the Coffeecompany van Wou in Amsterdam. 

» I started running more as well. When running through Amsterdam you get to see some amazing skies and views. It honestly is one of the best things about running. Autumn and winter really give the most clear and radiant lit skies. I have discovered the best views from and of buildings. Ran past the Amstel river and saw the most amazing farms. Ran in the polder just outside Amsterdam between the sheep. Saw the big boats, tall buildings, the Amsterdam light festival and even discovered some random lama next to the train tracks.

» An other important aspect of running in winter. Lights. These are the most rewarding ones, if you ask me. But the Nike reflective tights are also very, very motivational when sitting on the couch in the dark. Reflect on!

» At work the pace is slowly picking up again, now the harvest season for Ethiopia has started. Before the big piles of green samples start pouring in, I went through the cupping protocol to see if anything needed changing. Roast profile and degree. Grind size. Ratio of ground coffee to water. And so on. It was a good day, with a TDS meter and a lot of cups of Brazil Recreio. Interested in the results? I will post a blog on my findings this month. So keep a look out.

» More running! I participated in a 15K run in Nijmegen, about 1:30 hours south of Amsterdam by train. The 15K called zevenheuvelen (seven hills) runs over the hills of Nijmegen, passing woodlands, a golf course and the Canadian soldiers cemetery. Challenging, but also a route filled with satisfaction and happiness. Even in the rain and mud.


» I had the opportunity to try a coffee this month that is hard to come by; an unwashed Kenya. It was filled with cacao, plum, cherry and raspberry acidity. Sourced by Hasbean, roasted by Sweetcup and sold to a friend by Trakteren. Quite interesting. 

» Lastly, I finally came round to the Kalita wave. Not being a fan before, as all the coffees I got served brewed on this shiny device tasted muddy. But after being able to play around with it myself, it has gained a special place in the spectrum of drip methods I use. Brewed correctly it provides a very clean and bright coffee. Although it is a very forgiving brew method, one does need to know how to use it, to avoid muddy, thick and dusty coffee. Luckily for you, I made a tutorial in digital print, and video format.

Want to see my other pictures? Check out my Instagram at instagram.com/ceriannebury.

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