13 Aug 2017

Coffee Crawl Lima Edition

Where to drink coffee in Lima, Peru

There is a whole lot of coffee in...Lima.

I had the good fortune to travel to Peru this August to see several producers during the harvest season, travelling to San Ignacio in Cajamarca and to Rodriguez de Mendoza in Amazonas. Which was an amazing experience. Peru is such an amazing, beautiful country. 

If that was not lucky enough, I also had the pleasure to be able to stay in Lima two days, and got to visit some of the amazing cafes in Lima. I was able to set foot into seven of them. But, there are many, many more. And all of them are more inspiring than the next. 

Serving only Peru, you get the freshest of the freshest harvest, and although the espresso culture is more prominent, pour-over is available, pretty much, everywhere.

These are the seven coffeeshops I visited, and I'm planning to go back and visit an other seven!


True Caffe Lima

address: Calle BolĂ­var 153

True Caffe is located in this unexpected building on a street where pretty much nothing is going on. But, they are making it happen! Inside there are a couple of colourful chairs, and the rest is white. Especially striking is the white La Marzocco, right in front of the store, stealing the show.

The espresso-based coffees are pretty much amazing and tasty. I also got an aeropress, which was served in a pitcher, with an espresso cup. A different experience than I am used to, but it works. 
The coffee tasted quite dark roasted for a filter. But overall the coffee was sweet and well extracted. 


address: Calle Libertad 415

I absolutely loved Aromia. The neighbourhood is colourful, filled with brightly painted houses, the trees filled with the most gorgeous flowers, wide pavements. The coffeeshop is calm and bright and feels so welcoming. It's the perfect neighbourhood cafe with amazing coffee. What else could you ask for?

I very much enjoyed their cappuccino and biscuit. Clean, chocolaty, creamy. And they have good chocolate too!

Kaldi's Coffee and Tea

address: Calle General Recavarren 598

I did not have this cafe on my list originally. I just walked past, it looked great and I went in on a whim. And I was pleasantly surprised. Kaldi is close to Aromia, but closer to the oceanfront. The pavement in front of the store is filled with the greenest plants, which dress up the bars covering the windows. 
The inside of the store is filled with little treasures, from wall decorations to coffee bags from all over the world behind the bar. 

I enjoyed an espresso, again well extracted and clean. 

Arabica Espresso Bar

address: Calle Gral Recavarren 269

Another cafe with that neighbourhood cosiness vibe around it. Probably the place where I saw the most Gringo's. I have to say, my Spanish is not great - non existent really - it was nice to not try to explain what I wanted with pointing and and hand gestures. 
Arabica is a place that is filled with fun stools, tables and board games. It has a cosy inside seating area and a small courtyard where you can sit 'outside'. 

My cappuccino was creamy sweet. Perhaps a little unbalanced. But Arabica was also the busiest place I went to.

Neira Cafe Lab

address: Calle Enrique Palacios 1074

Relatively new on the scene is Neira Cafe Lab. Roasting in the back of the store, behind the cupping table - they do a public cupping once a week -, and a long white bar, the place feels very modern. I ordered a V60 drip with coffee from the Cusco area, which came in a pink (Tim Wendelboo inspired?) cup and was served with a glass of bubbly water. A place where you can really chill out.

I spent some time talking to the owner about coffee, it was a very welcoming and friendly place to be. It breathed 'your local specialty coffee roaster' vibes.

Cafe Verde

address: 1305 Santa Cruz

Cafe Verde has a more traditional coffeeshop vibe, with all wood, chalkboards and a more communal feel. But it's full of surprises and quirks. Such as the history of coffee on the walls on wooden panels and windows, fun and creative wall art, coffee packaged in 'milk' cartons and peek through windows to the roastery. I enjoyed a cappuccino which was very creamy, but perhaps just a tad to recently roasted. There is no wifi, you will just have to unwind and enjoy your coffee and your company. And although I did not have company, I still enjoyed the unwinding part. 


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