2 Jan 2016

2016 Dutch Barista Championship - The Finalists - Jesper van Stek

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival will crown a new Dutch Barista Champion. Who will get to represent the Netherlands in Dublin during the World Barista Competition? Introducing Jesper van Stek of Doppio Espresso Amsterdam VU.

How did you prepare for the barista competition preliminary rounds?

Short! After some transport problems with the coffee, we only had a week to prepare.

How did you choose a coffee bean?

Stooker Roasting Company and I set up a cupping session, with some really awesome coffees from Nordic Approach. We picked the best.

How did you develop your milk based drink?

We developed the milk beverage, by tasting what made my espresso taste best. So we didn't change the espresso recipe for milk, but we changed the amount of milk to fit with the espresso.

How did you develop your signature drink?

We used the espresso as main ingredient, and divided this in 3 flavour descriptions. Then we looked for matching flavours, and extracted those as you would a drip coffee, and then we also blended in a drip coffee.

How do you feel about the change from cappuccino to a milk based drink and did you use this change to your advantage?

I think it's great! Now you can adjust your milk beverage to your espresso instead of the other way around. It is still an espresso-based competition after all.

What is the hardest part about competing or preparing to compete?

That would be finding time to practise! If you are as busy as I am you will have to do everything in the evenings and weekends. There is barely time left to sleep, let alone to be with friends.

What is the easiest part?

To send the email that you want to compete! From then on it only gets harder! But also more rewarding!

How are you going to make sure you win the national finals?

You are never sure to win, but I would say preparing and practising your run a lot! And by trying to perform the perfect run with your own philosophy, you should be able to gather a lot of points.

Anything you would like to add?

That I wish all the other competitors good luck!

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