27 Dec 2015

2016 Dutch Barista Championship - The Finalists - Lex Wenneker

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival will crown a new Dutch Barista Champion. Who will get to represent the Netherlands in Dublin during the World Barista Competition? Introducing our current champion Lex Wenneker (Espresso Service West).

Picture from SCAENL taken by Marjolein Meulendijks, Smit Prins Amsterdam Agency

How did you prepare for the barista competition preliminary rounds?

It was 3 weeks of intense tasting and practising.

How did you choose a coffee bean?

I looked for a coffee that fit my theme, different varieties. And so I looked for a farm that produces different varieties, that cup different but amazing. And I found it!

How did you develop your milk based drink?

I tried different cup sizes looking for a harmonious balance between my coffee and the milk.

How did you develop your signature drink?

My story was about using coffee varieties in the same way as we know different varieties of grapes in wine. So I combined the complexity of coffee with the complexity of wine grapes.

How do you feel about the change from cappuccino to a milk based drink and did you use this change to your advantage?

I like it. It gives the barista more flexibility to create balance between the coffee and the milk. Every coffee is different with milk, so it's good you can now choose how much milk you want to add. I did use this to my advantage, I think.

What is the hardest part about competing or preparing to compete?

It's very time consuming and a little intense.

What is the easiest part?

It's lots of fun!

How are you going to make sure you win the national finals?

By selecting a killer coffee, and practise. And practise. And practise.

Anything you would like to add?

Nope. That's all folks!

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