25 Oct 2015

Coffee Crawl Oslo: Where to Drink Coffee in Oslo

Oslo in Autumn. It is beautiful. The sun is still shining (most days) and the city, filled with parks, is golden and red from all the Autumn leaves. During the walks to and from different museums, the opera house, the mouthdroppingly gorgeous Rådhuset and the Vigelund Park, we drank coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. And for us, these are the places worth visiting.

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Tim Wendelboe

address: Grüners gate 1
coffee: own roastery

Tim Wendelboe, the obligatory visit when in Oslo. Tim has made a very strong international name for himself, and with good reason. His coffee and coffee bar are exceptional. 

The space is quite small, and not really a place to go and sit for hours. Firstly, there are only very little chairs. Secondly, with a running roaster an arm's length away, it is kind of hard to chat. Nonetheless it is cosy and well decorated; simple and clean. 

We enjoyed a citric, black tea-like Ethiopian, a berry heavy Kenya and a chocolaty and fruity Honduras. All well made, all delicious.

Supreme Roastworks

address: Thorvald Meyers gate 18
coffee: own roastery

Supreme Roastworks is home of the 2015 World Brewers Cup champion and so made it high on our list of places to go. The place is stampeded by guests, and for good reason. The space is very welcoming and warm, with different types of sitting areas across the small space. The roaster is placed in the back, but with an open window, still the main focus of the space.

We drank a couple of cappuccinos and cortados, as well as some drip coffee from Kenya. Everything was mindblowingly good. One of the best cappuccinos I've ever had. The cortado was spicy and sweet at the same time. And the Kenya was a fruit bomb. 

If you can only go to one place to drink coffee in Oslo, for me, this would be it.


address: Universitetsgata 2
coffee: own roastery

Fuglen has a great atmosphere, filled with antiquish, vintage rumble the vibe is very whiskey-drinking and cigar-smoking-ish. A great place to hang out and sit for hours on end, chat, work on your new book, or blog.

They have their own coffees, as well as beans from different roasters, such as Tim Wendelboe. We enjoyed an amazing Ethiopian coffee with notes of white pepper. Light, citric, yet spicy.


address: Prinsens gate 6
coffee: private label/ Solberg&Hansen

Stockfleths has different stores all across Oslo. We visited the one on Prinses gate, not far from the Rådhuset. Stockfleths has been around forever, and with forever I mean 1895 (although it became a 'modern' coffeeshop in the 1990s) and has been the place where a lot of Norwegian coffee professionals started their career.

The stores do all have that Third Wave coffee vibe, with Hario items on sale, bags filled with beans full on display and coffee competition trophies in plain sight.

We tried to enjoy some Ethiopian Suke Quto. It was not bad, it just was not that good. We ordered one to share and received a pot filled to the brim. I think there was about a litre of coffee in there...I wouldn't be surprised if the coffee to water ratio was a (little?) off, making the whole pot, although still tasty, a little watery in taste.


address: Niels Juels gate 70B
coffee: own roastery

We made a short stop at Mocca. A clean, pristine, minimalist space with a few brown tables against the wall, stools in the window, and one marble bar. Bags and bags of coffee beans are lined up in front and behind the bar. 

We shared a typical Burundi coffee made on a Hario woodneck, a brewing method you don't see that often. The fear of contaminating your fresh brew with the previous coffees that passed through the cloth filter is often too big for coffeeshops. 


address: Ullevålsveien 47
coffee: own roastery

Java, a sister of Mocca, has the same vibe and feel; clean, chic and yet friendly. The tiles behind the bar are a real eye catcher and in the summer sitting on the benches outside is a dream. 

We enjoyed some Guatemalan drip coffee, with notes of chocolate and caramel. And while drinking we were overwhelmed with the heavy, wintry aroma of good food. Every Friday Java serves a simple but good plate of food. Simply delicious and if you are in Oslo on a Friday, you really, really should try this out. Get a good plate of food, a great tasting glass of wine to go with it, and finish off with a well brewed cup of coffee. Really, in all honesty, what more could you ask for?

Hendrix Ibsen

address: Maridalsveien 13E
coffee: different roasters from across Europe

Hendrix Ibsen opened it's doors earlier this year, combining vinyl with coffee and craft beer. Beans are brought in from across Europe. The space is very laid back with different seating areas spread across the basement floor; big tables, chairs, couches. In the back the cupboards are filled with books and games. 

We cappuccinos we had were okay, just a little too milky.


address: Øvrefoss 4
coffee: different roasters

Liebling, as the German name may suggests, is a Berlin inspired coffee bar. Next to their regular supplier Supreme Roastworks, they get their beans from Berlin based coffee roasteries. The coffeeshop is very family friendly and even now, in Autumn, when it is getting colder, has a big terrace outside. Inside, there is also a space filled with cute things you do not really need, but would love to have, along with stuff you can tell yourself you need because it is a very cute kitchen appliance. 

The cappuccinos, a little milky, but nice and creamy just the same.


address: Mathallen, Vulkan 5
coffee: own roastery

Solberg&Hansen is a large Oslo-based roaster. In the Mathallen, a hall filled with great food and drinks, they have their concept store. Clean, dark wood, and no Hario, no milk. Lovely. I have to say it is kind of refreshing not to see Hario everywhere you look.

The space is clearly well thought out, everything has a place and is in it's place. There is a lot of coffee (and tea) to choose from. We went for the Black Coffee Label, which is always filled with a coffee that is a little harder to drink, often a naturally processed one. This time El Salvador, brewed on a Kalita Wave. Very fruity, very natural, very good.


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