20 Aug 2015

Coffee Crawl Nijmegen: Where to Drink Coffee in Nijmegen

People from Amsterdam never want to travel outside the capitol of the lowlands. Everything you need is at a palm's reach. Although the Netherlands is a small, tiny country, everything outside of the ring is far, far, away land for the Amsterdammers. And so, most coffee places I know in the Netherlands are located in Amsterdam. Of course I can name others, but most I have never seen in real life with my own eyes. And so my friend 'B' and me decided to travel. Take the trains and discover all the lovely coffee spots outside of our hometown.

This time: Nijmegen! 

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The Fuzz Coffee and Tunes
address: van Broeckhuysenstraat 17
espresso machine: La Marzocco
coffee: rotating coffees from different roasters

The Fuzz Coffee&Tunes is a great little place with a big outdoor terrace and an eclectic mesh interior. Funky colours, strange details with excellent service. What more could you want? Good coffee of course.

And they have that. They have different coffees from different roasters at different times. Which is great, because then you can always try something new. We enjoyed an espresso, that was just a little too watery and big for our taste, and a Caffenation Kenya Clever Dripper.
The Clever Dripper was brought to our table still extracting, with a little timer attached. The Kenya was amazing. Well balanced with loads of flavour. And honestly, I kind of love the simplicity of just getting a Clever Dripper with a timer attached. Why not? If you have a busy cafe, this is the perfect way to still brew a tasty drip coffee with ease.
We also enjoyed one of their home made lemonades, which all of them sounded delicious, and a large well prepared sandwich. A great start to the day!

De Blonde Pater

address: Houtstraat 62
espresso machine: Kees vd Westen Spirit
coffee: Peeze

De Blonde Pater is a must visit in Nijmegen if you are a coffee fan. It is filled with Dutch Barista Champinship history. And still today the Louis Claus Award, named after the founder of de Blonde Pater, is given to the best new talent in the Dutch Barista Championships.

De Blonde Pater is really just a regular cafe with food and drinks, but then also puts a lot of emphasis on good coffee. Thus the overall feeling of the place is very cafe-ish, but then with a lot of coffee items, coffee trophies and pictures of latte art.
Unfortunately for us, they serve Peeze. I don't know if you have read previous Coffee Crawl editions, but we have not had good luck with Peeze yet. We really, honestly, just do not like it...

We ordered a Brazilian Daterra espresso. Which, really, after just smelling it, was not something to write home about. Indeed it was very earthy and bitter. Again. Why, Peeze, why?
We also ordered an espropress filled with Harar. And the Harar was actually quite nice. It did have that typical Harar earthy flavour, but was well balanced and still sweet. 

First Things First and Blommers Coffee Roasters

address: Waalbandijk 14b
espresso machine: La Marzocco
The last place we visited was First Things First, which shares a space with Blommers Coffee Roasters. Because of the Giesen Roaster, the bikes, the wooden bar, coffee plants, V60's and a lovely La Marzocco machine it breaths and feels like a specialty coffee bar.

We ordered Kenyan coffees; an espresso and an aeropress, and took a seat on the terrace outside, which looks out over the river the Waal. The location is quiet and industrial near the water, giving it a real spacious and almost vacationy feel. It is surrounded by other cool companies with good food and craft beer. What more could you want?

Both coffees tasted amazing, sweet, well balanced and complex, and for us it is the place to go to when in Nijmegen. 


Want to visit First Things First and Blommers Coffee Roasters and looking for a great excuse?

They are organising a Latte Art Throwdown Contest on September 5th. Just around the corner from them on a little beach area. There will be coffee, latte art, great beer and great food. And while you are there, find Waldo!

From what I hear, there are still some competition places left, so go to their Facebook Event Page or sign up through info@blommerscoffeeroasters.nl.


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