30 Aug 2015

Coffee Crawl Malmö: Where to Drink Coffee in Malmö

This summer we went on a roadtrip going from Amsterdam to Stockholm and back. On our way back we had one afternoon in Malmö and in stead of shopping, or soaking up some Malmö culture, we drank coffee. And what did we find? Malmö has an amazing coffee culture!

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address: Regementsgatan 2
coffee: own roastery

Solde is a coffee roaster with a bar on Regementsgatan. The interior is simple but nice, with a few stools outside, and a bar with stools inside. The cappucinos we had to start the day were the best cappus we had during our entire vacation. And our drip coffee of natural Ethiopian beans was very well balanced and clean.

The barista was very welcoming and also so kind to give us an endless list of where to go next, what to drink where and who to say hi to. It was the perfect start of the day and has become a reason to want to go back to Malmö in the future, just to hang out there.

Lilla Roastery

address: Baltzarsgatan 24
coffee: own roastery

The Lilla roastery is the biggest roastery of Malmö, and you can expect to have to wait in line for some time. The interior is amazing, with beautiful pictures of different origins, information sheets and maps. Up stairs is an astounding collection of vintage furniture and paintings. With good weather you can sit outside in a cute little courtyard to soak up the sun. 

We had a cappuccino and a cortado, and unfortunately the coffee was a lot less than amazing, tasting of a dirty group head. But the scenery makes up for a lot.


address: Djäknegatan 9
coffee: various roasters

Djäkne is a real coffee bar, not a roastery. They rotate and try different roasters all the time and you can drink a different coffee every time. It's atmosphere is very clean, white and industrial. With electric plugs everywhere its the perfect place to sit to work alone, or with a group as they also have a meeting room in the back.

I enjoyed a lovely natural Ethiopian coffee roasted by Love Coffee Roasters; sweet, fruity and chocolaty. 


address: Knuts Torg 16
coffee: various roasters

Uggla is a small bar filled with cute little details, mostly owls. Across the street you can sit and enjoy the sun on the middle of a little square, which gives your afternoon coffee a very local, summery feel.

Our cortados where good, but a little off balance. 

Cafe number 6

address: Mäster Hendriksgatan 6
coffee: Solde

Cafe Number 6 is rumoured to be the only place in Malmö where you can drink cold brew. The cold brew is brewed on a Dutch coffee installation. It is a very small bar, but giving a huge summer feel, you can drink your brew in the garden across the street. How awesome!

We got to try 3 different cold brew coffees, all very tasty. We ended with a cold brew tonic that blew our minds away. 


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