10 Nov 2014

DBC2015 Finalists: Who is Keng Pereira?

The Dutch Barista Championships 2015 finals. Six baristas will compete against each other, each of them hoping they will be good enough to go on to the World Barista Championships in Seattle.

The pre rounds are just behind us and we have seen some amazing runs. Even more amazing is that we have so many new comers in the finals this year. So who are our finalists? We can read about where they work, what coffee they used and what their signature drink was, but what are their thoughts on coffee and coffee quality in general?

What do they love to drink? Do they brew coffee at home? Where do they still want to go? Read it down below.

Keng Pereira

works at: Coffeecompany Oosterdok Amsterdam
coffee used: Reko, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
roasted by: Coffeecompany Zeeburgerpad

signature drink: tonic espresso with an orange blossom extract and Panama Geisha Cascara extract

What is the best coffee you had this year?
Reko! And a Kenyan coffee from Lofted Coffee Roasters. That blew my mind.

Is caffeine caffeine, or do you skip coffee when you know it will probably be bad?
Skip it!

What is the worst coffee you have ever had?
Pre ground Portuguese Mercado ultra dark coffee...

If you can only choose one variable, whether it be origin, water, fresh grind, roast or something else, which one would you choose?
Do you believe this is the most important variable when brewing coffee?
I would say roast. Great question! I think origin comes second. I think roast is key. When you have a coffee which has a lot of potential you can enhance it even more with the correct roast profile.

If people ask you what they should buy for making coffee at home, what advice do you give them?
It depends on their own preference. And what they usually drink. You can try and recommend them something which is completely out of their comfort zone. They will either like it, or they won't. Or you can try to find something that matches their preference and show them something similar to what they know, just a bit better.

How do you brew coffee at home?
I don't.

If you walk into a coffee bar that you have not been to before and you want to assess the level of quality, what do you look for?
What do you order?
What equipment do they have? What coffee beans do they use? Who are the baristas? Is the bar clean or unorganised and dirty? And so on.

What is your favourite brew method?
Either a V60 or Woodneck.

When travelling what do you bring to fill your coffee needs?
Aeropress! It's the best there is.

Where coffee related to you still want to go to?

So, finally two questions about the DBC 2015 finals. Why do you think you placed? What contributed to your success?
I think I placed for the finals, because we worked really hard to refine our technical skills and tried to create a balanced and beautiful espresso.

What are you looking forward to the most now you placed for the finals?
The learning process!

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Photo by Pim Rinkes
Want to see more photos by Pim? Check the SCAE Nederland Facebook album.

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