2 Sept 2014

My Month on Instagram ǁ August 2014

I post photos on a regular basis on Instagram showing my coffee and tea drinking habit. Once a month I bundle these and talk about the photos on my blog.

In August I:

» Okay, so this does not really look like coffee or tea. However...the event was coffee related somewhat. The first weekend of August I joined a free Essentrics class, after which everyone was rewarded their physical effort with an espresso from the Espressofabriek. I wrote a blog post about it as well. Shortly put; Essentrics is awesome.

» At home my boyfriend and I, we make a lot of aeropress coffee. Now when I say my boyfriend and I, I mean my boyfriend...he's just better at it...there I said it... If you want to know more about this strange piece of brewery, read my recipe for natural coffees here.

» Tea. I love tea. I love black tea with fresh slices of ginger in the morning. It's warming, refreshing and good medicine against inflammation. Which for a runner with a bad knee can be welcoming.

» I also enjoyed some lovely french press this month and put up a blog post about this brew method. It's a beautiful way to brew a more heavy bodied coffee. And although all people know this device, unlike the above shown aeropress, a lot of people still make mistakes when brewing a french press. If you do not feel like reading, you can also watch a quick tutorial on Youtube.

» On August 11th I started my new job with the green coffee sourcing company Trabocca. Here I log, sample and taste all the green coffee that is (potentially) bought and sold. And so, pictures of the sample roaster are to be expected. More will probably follow. Don't you love the view of Amsterdam Noord?

» Latte art at home! Still very happy with my Expobar Brewtus III. The tulips are still a little unstable here and there, but for such a small machine it is absolute awesomeness.

» As I said...awesomeness. Plus I made some muffins that were great too, made with maple syrup instead of sugar. If you would like some more baking recipes, let me know in the comments. Or send me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

» As I said tasting coffee, or cupping as it is called, is a big part of my day. At the same time I like to practise my latte art. I am trying to get a hang of the lines, which are the rosetta-like waves on the outside of the cup. Slowly, slowly getting there it seems. Next step is making the rest of the figure more impressive than a three part tulip.

» For Trabocca I visited one of the warehouses they use in the Netherlands, Jonker & Schut. It is huge. And it is impeccably clean and organised. I have seen quite a few warehouses, but never one quite as beautiful as this one.

» The last week of August I went to the one year anniversary of Marcuskoffie, a coffee and wine bar in Ijsselstein, where my boyfriend was asked to perform with Pablo Mono. A very pleasant, warm  and inspiring experience, both music and coffee-wise.

Want to see my other pictures? Check out my instagram at instagram.com/ceriannebury.

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