1 Jan 2014

About me

I have been working with coffee since 2005. Over the years I've held positions from Barista to Coffee Trainer and Coffee Product Developer. Currently, as the Q grader and Head of Quality at a Specialty green coffee sourcer and importer, specialising in Ethiopian coffee, I head the cupping lab, runs calibration sessions and am responsible for the taste testing of the different quality projects in origin.

Next to my day job and actively running this blog, I am a member of the WBC Evolution Work Group and speak at different events, such as the Reco Symposium and BaristaConnect.

After participating in different competitions on a national level and training others, I have been a certified WCE judge for Barista and Brewer’s Cup since 2016.


The best thing about coffee is that you can always learn more. It is such a diverse product. From the moment that a coffee seed is planted to the moment you lift the cup of brewed coffee to your lips, there are so many processes and so many people that have influenced what the consumer will experience. And every single step and every single person can have a huge impact.

With all that I have learnt already, I am still discovering more every single day, still advancing, still striding towards complete coffee knowledge. It is the complexity behind the coffee bean and the way the specialty coffee industry interacts with this amazing product that I want to share with you in this blog. 

Through posts on coffee events, brew tutorials and the 'Why do we...' posts where I try to find answers to my own coffee questions and findings. 

I hope my blog posts are as inspiring for you to read as they were for me to write. If they are and you want to stay on top of my posts, you can receive updates on twitter or facebook, or check my instagram profile. You can also subscribe for an automatic update via email. Just check the side bar.

Cerianne Bury

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