1 Nov 2014

Barista Belle Bakes Upside Down Pie

I was visiting my mother in Haarlem and found an old recipe of my Swiss grandmother's famous upside down pie that she once wrote for me. According to my pallet the perfect titbit with your coffee.

Barista Belle the baking specialist (check her ABC banana bread baking here) went to work and the end results were quite wicked...

Want to try it yourself? Here's the how to:


- 25 grams of butter
- 60 grams of sugar
- fruit of choice

for the dough:
- 3 eggs
- 150 grams of butter
- 150 grams of sugar
- 150 grams of flour

Set your oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Caramelise 25 grams of butter and the sugar on the stove in a refractory dish. Once caramelised place the fruit in a fashionable way.

You can choose any fruit type you like. As it's Autumn we halved some pears, but apple, peaches or any other type (okay, not anything, but a lot) of fruit will work.

Mix the ingredients of the dough in order of appearance (eggs, butter, sugar and lastly flour). If you have a mixer, whoohoo, good for you. If you do not it might be nice to get someone to help you as you want to keep mixing while adding new ingredients. Tip, if you are alone, roll up a tea towel, place your bowl on it in an angle. Now the tea towel holds your bowl, while you can mix and add.
Make sure each ingredient is mixed in well before adding the next one.

You should end up with something that is silky smooth and thin.

Once the dough has come together, pour it over your fruit and caramel mix.

And pop it in the oven. Your pie will be ready when golden brown. Start checking the colour after 20 minutes, but depending on your oven, do not be surprised when it takes up to 40 minutes. It all depends on the chosen fruit and oven.

When done, immediately take it out and flip, it is after all an upside down pie (or tarte tatin). Do not wait until your pie is cold, as the caramel will harden and it will be more difficult to get it out of the mould. 

Finito! Does it not look absolutely delicious? As for the coffee food pearing (pun intended), this pie is amazing with a sweet and acidic syrupy African coffee. Today we paired it with a Kenya Guama Baragwi roasted by Czarny Deszcz brewed on a V60. But an Ethiopian Suke Quto is also amazeballs. 

As you can imagine this pie is great for coffee pairing as you can make it with almost any fruits of your liking. 

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